How to use Google Family Link In Urdu

In this video you will tell me track your children’s activity, In this I will tell you about a Google app. Which Google is Recently Lunched, The name of this application is Google Family Link. We will install this application in our children’s mobile and in our mobile. After that we will connect mobile to both of them .In this video you were told how we will connect mobile .By connecting both mobile and we will use the Google Family link. After doing all this, you can control your children’s mobile and keep an eye on their activity. You can control Whatsapp, Facebook, Youtube and location etc on your mobile and see everything.

Watch Video Track Your Children’s Activity | How to use Google Family Link…

Google Family Link is a very good and Trusted application ۔ There are many more such apps in the market, but Google Family Link is the best,In this you will find everything you want Parents can use this to keep an eye on the children’s activity.
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