Translate Urdu to English with your Voice

In today’s video, I will tell you how you can translate your voice from Urdu to English.
Nowadays, many people do not come to English, And not coming English is a big problem,So the problem of English will be solved in the application you have today.
So I will use a keyboard application in this application which I am going to tell you.
This app is the most downloaded app in Pakistan nowadays.This application is also a great app from Google G Board Application, In this you only have to speak and you will be able to type English in your voice,

Watch Video¬†Translate Urdu to English with your Voice…

If your English is good then you can do anything in this world ,So you should do your Personalty well, your personality will also be good.It was difficult toIn today’s video that I have given you above, you can do good English, that too will speak Urdu and you will be writing English. translate from Urdu to English…
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