How to Recall/Delete Sent Messages in WhatsApp


Yes , it is possible to resend/recall whatsapp messages still in whatsapp official version it is not available but with in a 2–3 months this update available soon .

Everyone want this update early bcoz if we are texting someone bymistake we write wrong work or bcoz of our keyboard problem its diffucult and send wrong message to our friends and after that its very diffucult .

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 WATCH FULL VIDEO How to Recall/Delete Sent Messages in WhatsApp:

WhatsApp’s upcoming update might bring along a long-awaited feature — the ability to recall sent messages.

If you have ever sent a message to the wrong person or phrased a message wrongly and then cursed your luck, this update can save you. Infotainment posted Wednesday on Twitter that the company has added the ability to edit and revoke sent messages, demonstrating the feature in a video.

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