Mobile Battery Charging Alert At Any Level


Battery Alarm is a Free Battery Powered Overcharging Protector App. Also to Save Most Valuable section of your Mobile phone. If you employ this program you Save Energy to anyone that don’t need energy inside their residence.Mobile Battery Charging Alert At Any Level  Battery full Alarm has lots of Extra standard capabilities. It play alert as soon as your battery charged fully. Or Charged up-to your desirable Level. Just this program provide feature to place Alarm at Any degree from 1 to 100 percent. No program provide such feature to place alarms at Any degree. Battery Alarm makes it possible to to protect battery Over Charging Battery reveal the battery charge amount of your own device together with progressbar and battery life Information.(How To Set Video Wallpaper On Your Mobile Screen) Battery Charge Alarm can be really a small, easy, slick, decorative, user friendly and refined program which will help keel you battery and even function as a battery saver along with battery life shield. Together with Battery Alarm, anyplace you may secure your battery life and also you may be informed whenever it protects fully. There isn’t any additional battery alert program with this kind of user friendly UI, Ease of Use, instinctive, neat and decorative interface, using mixture of numerous features in 1 program just. The UI of all Battery Alarm is as simple as you can, and Easy to know Language. We work always to create brand new feature to boost Battery Alarm, Very soon we’re coming using Notification in different charging amount, and Notification in Different Time Of Charging. Additionally bringing Actual battery full alert Feature. And we have been continuously improving its user friendly interface to possess expertise that is best. Appreciate the unbelievable power Battery  Charging Alert Protector program rather than bother about your mobile battery life again. Battery Full Alarm is an increasing Free Battery Protector App which Protect Battery Overcharging. ng state. It is possible to set alarms at any given degree of battery-charging. It has a number of helpful qualities you adore to possess within a battery related program. Safeguard Over Charging Instantly play with the alert mode when charging is Full. Battery AlarmsApp includes features to engage in with alarm in Silent, Vibrate style. Additionally it’s a Speech Alarm specific feature. Battery Complete InformationIt provides all Information associated with Battery Health Insurance and Battery Temperature. That means you have to come to be conscious of if your telephone number is clearly charging or perhaps not. Graphical Images shows that your Plug Types. App Automatically Start ON/OFF Configurable car start feature. Battery Fast ChargingProvides configurations for Fast Charging. Battery Saver ModesThere are gap manners available that can allow you save your battery life and could continue to keep the battery better. Battery Percentage in Notification Area Battery Full Alarm Supplies the Current battery percent in to telling place. On the lock screen it still shows the Battery Information. Display fee status in real time, right shows the battery percent.

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