Free Internet WiFi Service for Punjab


In this video i wanna show Free Internet WiFi Service for Punjab, It comprises of the WiFi hot spots at various places that allows you to connect and surf Internet fee of cost.When you are in range, look for SSID “PunjabWifi” in the list of available networks on your device.

Watch Video Free Internet WiFi Service for Punjab For more Info…

Check the location map at our website or download Punjab WiFi App for Android.

How do I Connect to a Punjab WiFi hot spot?

In order to connect with Punjab WiFi hot spot you must follow the steps as listed below:

  1. After enabling WiFi Access on your device find SSID “PunjabWifi”.
  2. Once connected a User Registration page will open up in the web browser.
  3. Enter your cell number on the page and hit enter.
  4. Upon receiving a PIN, enter the same on the registration page to complete the signup.
  5. After successful signup, accordingly Internet services will be provisioned.

For more detail on how to connect, please visit our online guide.

We are committed making your WiFi experience not only fun but safe as possible. Whenever you sign in, we ensure your privacy and safety with the help of 128-bit encryption and offers newest security features. On safer side following actions are recommended:

  • Turn off file sharing when using your computer or handheld whenever you are on a free network.
  • Keep your anti-virus programs up-to-date and perform regular system scans to detect any problems early.
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