How to Donate Zakat Through EasyPaisa


In this Video i wanna show How to Donate Zakat Through EasyPaisa. The Easypaisa Donations service is designed to facilitate corporations, by collecting payments for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause. So contribute to the society by sending your donations through Easypaisa in a secure manner.

Watch Video How to Donate Zakat Through EasyPaisa…

Through the Easypaisa donation service, you can contribute to society by supporting the cause you believe in. The Donation service ensures transfer of your donation money to any of the philanthropic organizations on Easypaisa’s platform, in a secure and reliable manner. Using this service, real time donation amounts are transferred to the respective organizations.

Product Features
  • Donate at more than 70,000 Easypaisa shops nationwide or from your own Easypaisa mobile account
  • Receive SMS confirmation from 3737 as an assurance that your donation has reached the deserving
  • No charges on donations
  • Easypaisa, donations can be sent to many organizations
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